We are pleased to announce that the fortnightly walking programme will commence on 4 April 2021. Obviously with COVID-19 still very much in evidence we must follow government guidance to minimise the risk to everybody involved and everyone we meet on our walks. As government guidance changes regularly we must keep aware of the potential changes for our group and will evolve our guidance accordingly.

For the foreseeable future, the following guidance will need to be adopted by all people joining our walks.

Walk Leaders will need to take a register on site of each participant on walks before the walk starts (name and contact details). Should the need arise each walker must be prepared to share personal details which could be passed on to Track and Trace organisations.

Walk Leaders are required to risk assess their planned walks to give extra attention to things including 'pinch points' on routes like stiles and kissing gates to avoid breaches of social distancing. Walk Leaders are not responsible for cleaning/sanitising such obstacles.

From 17 May 2021, walkers may walk in a group of up to 30 people. If the group becomes too spread then the Walk Leader must stop and regroup. Walkers must walk to the pace of the slowest walker. Walk Leaders should consider using less populated car parks so that contact with the general public is kept to a minimum.

The HM Government advice is still for walkers NOT to travel together by car with someone from outside their household or 'bubble'.

Individual walkers must take responsibility for their own personal 'risk assessment'. That is to give thought to their personal participation risk, giving consideration to their physical health, any underlying issues and the health circumstances of those people they may be living with or isolating with in their household. This self assessment is a purely private matter.

Individual walkers should not attend if they are showing or feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day of the walk.

Individual walkers need to maintain physical distancing with anyone not in their household or 'bubble' throughout their time on the walk.

Individual walkers cannot rely on physical help from others during the walk if this breaches distancing guidelines.

Keep in mind hygiene, particularly during refreshment breaks. Individuals should provide and carry their own sanitiser for personal use and also a mask in case there is an instance where social distancing is an issue. There should be no sharing of foodstuff and drinks.

For the foreseeable future, the use of pubs or cafes at the end of our walks for our traditional 'debriefs' is not permitted under the auspices of the club. The COVID-19 guidance says 'tables of 6'. If allowed under COVID-19 guidance prevailing at the time of walks, individuals however may do so but this is outside of the club's area of responsibility.

Finally, we should all have our usual fun! The guidelines are there to help us do this safely.

Issued by the Ivybridge Walking Club Committee on 24 August 2020. Updated 11 October 2020. Updated 2 November 2020. Updated 30 December 2020. Updated 5 January 2021. Updated 16 March 2021. Updated 29 May 2021.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Ivybridge Walking Club walks