14/01/18 -- New Year Walk at Mount Edgcumbe

We are starting off the New Year with this old favourite across the water in Cornwall.
Meet at Elviras in Admirals Hard (next to the ferry) for breakfast any time from 08:45, or at the 09:45 Cremyll Ferry (£1.50 each way per person). Please note that breakfast at Elviras is on a first come first served basis as we can't book any tables.
From Mount Edgcumbe we will head up to Maker Church via Empacombe Harbour and then down into Cawsand/Kingsand for lunch - choice of harbour wall or various hostelries. We will then follow the coast path back around to Edgcumbe for debrief in the Edgcumbe Arms and ferry back.
Parking should be available in the ferry car park at this time of year.

Car share from the Watermark 08:15 for breakfast or 09:00 for ferry.
Leaders Deb & David H
Walk Diary