Walk Leaders are advised to consult with members of the Committee and the Safety Adviser on any queries regarding leading a walk or health & safety guidance. All walkers must be suitably dressed for the prevailing conditions and able to walk on all types of terrain for several hours. If anyone has any concerns about the walk they must speak to the Walk Leaders prior to the walk commencing. The club has public liability insurance cover. All IWC walks should have a Walk Leader and a Back Marker and both should be aware of how many walkers are in the group. Walk Leaders must not allow the group to spread out, everyone should be in view. Currently, due to COVID-19 guidance, walkers can walk in a group of up to 30 people. If the group starts to separate, the Walk Leader must stop and regroup. When walking on public roads, walkers must walk on the right so that they are facing oncoming traffic. However, if visibility is an issue such as a bend in the road, lots of greenery obscuring vision, then walkers can walk on the left hand side of the road but only for the duration of poor visibility. All walkers have a responsibility to keep themselves and other walkers safe.


Guidance for Walk Leaders